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Dhg's 2016 ACF tank pack by dhg

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Has been reported to have a CryNet E2 virus. Use at own risk.

You need these addons to work:
This ZTZ59D is broken, do not use it

Press Ctrl to switch view
Press F to Lock turret
Press R to switch ammo
Mouse wheel to zoom

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  • ZTZ59D Green.txt
  • lowlagtanks/
    • m18.txt
    • m3.txt
    • m4_2.txt
    • pz4lowprop.txt
    • t34.txt
    • t54.txt
  • 88cannon.txt
  • bmw tiger.txt
  • gun digger final.txt
  • m2a4 final_5.txt
  • M3 76mm fast.txt
  • m3 stuart final.txt
  • M24 Green.txt
  • M41 Green.txt
  • M113 Green.txt
  • mendeleev_6.txt
  • mini tiger gray.txt
  • T54 Green.txt
  • t95_2.txt
  • Tetrarch Green.txt