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The Object-841 was a truly innovative self-propelled gun.

Its 150 millimeters of frontal armour made it virtually impenetrable by anything the Red Army had encountered so far.

This 20 ton beast was powered by a 7.8 litre V8 diesel engine, and was armed with a massive 61cm mortar, for which it carried a mere 3 rounds.

After all of the ammunition had been spent, or the vehicle got immobilized, the crews of these cuddly behemoths were expected to discard their tracks using large levers on the inside of the vehicle and hamster ball their way towards the enemy.

Perhaps not the most effective form of psychological warfare.

This vehicle would eventually lead to the more practical KV-2.

WASD for movement
Alt for clutch
Mouse1 fires the mortar
Mouse2 fires the machine gun
Shift toggles between 1st and 3rd person view

Halfe-Life 2: Episode 2
Counter-Strike: Source
SubMaterial Tool
Advanced Duplicator 2
Multi-Parent / Unparent Tool
Advanced Ball Socket Tool
Make Spherical
Tank Track Tool

Place the Object-841 folder inside GarrysMod > garrysmod > data > advdupe2

Big thanks to Jackpody, DatAmazingCheese, shadowscion, and the ACF team.

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