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Style�s S.O.C. R-19 Befree J

Originally uploaded by StyleOTG on 9th July 2009 21:26 pm

Hey Guys...
Here you have my third adv dupe creation. It�s a really pretty flyable jet. I think it�s my best plane. Hope you like it!
- Move the .txt file from the folder to garrysmod/garrysmod/data/adv_duplicator folder in your PC.
Numpad 0 - Ground Moving Speed
Numpad 1 - Take Off/Landing Speed
Numpad 2 - Flight Speed
Numpad 5 - Up
Numpad 8 - Down
Numpad 4 - Left (Air)
Numpad 6 - Right (Air)
Numpad 7 - Left (Ground)
Numpad 9 - Right (Ground)
*IMPORTANT: If you want to decrease to a slower speed, don�t press the slower speed button... just press your actual speed button again to untoggle it. ;)
For example: I�m on speed 0 (Ground Moving) and I press 1 (Landing/take off), and then 2 (flight)... To return to speed 1... don�t press 1... press 2 again... and press 1 again to return to speed 0.
Sorry... I can�t explain it better... my english is too bad :P... excuse me.
Please... don�t say that this plane is yours.
Here are the things you need:
XQM Beta2 -
Tiled Building Blocks V2 -
Wiremod from SVN -
And now... ENJOY!!!

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