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Originally uploaded by › BrOmega on 5th January 2010 19:31 pm[[*A note from the mapper*
I really do apologize to everyone about the Alpha release, it was not ment to be considerd the useable map, only for bug testing and getting a general opinoin of the feel, It was not known it would be featured on I hope that with this release the real intention I had for Urban will be seen and felt, Enjoy this work and visit our community at we welcome any and all roleplayers to join us in our apocalyptic zombie based roleplay community.]]
-fixed the subway models missing textures (I.E. missing)
-Fixed any and all bugs found in the alpha release
-Added a hotel area, though to get to it requires admin assitance
-Heavily detailed the map with decals, props, and ambience
-rain is semi-dynamic, being inside you'll hear pitter patter, outside you hear it full blown
-Thunder occurs on a random basis from 5-120 seconds, and features several different thunder noises
-All ambience has been added/fixed
Enjoy this much improved release from Version A

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            • rp_necro_urban_v3b <-- Addon folder!
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              • lua
              • maps
              • materials
              • models
              • etc

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  • rp_necro_urban_v3b/
    • maps/
      • rp_necro_urban_v3b.bsp
    • Read me for V A changes.txt
    • Read me for V B changes.txt