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Originally uploaded by Mick (10) on 18th July 2011 18:39 pm

My new version of rp_downtown_v5a which I have been working on for about a week.
New features:
-HDR Lighting! (Best, thing, ever...)
-Improved Gunshop
-New Tunnel
-Re-designed rundown areas.
-New industrial power-plant area.
-Editted beach.
-Changed spawn location.
-Old spawn is now the Town Hall. (NPCs are in here if you are on the SRP server, if you host this yourself the Town Hall will be empty.)
-A LOT of bug fixes.
-Gas station.
-Several new designed houses.
-Changed mob-hideout to a local pool. :>
If you have any issues, or find any problems in my mapping, PM me on steam "MICK_MAC" and I will repair them for v7.
Credit to: ThePro, for original downtown maps.
Sgt, for Evocity buildings
Do not edit and reupload WITHOUT my permission.
Diode, this is me.. :D

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  • rp_downtown_v6.bsp