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Originally uploaded by onemanclan on 10th October 2009 18:38 pm

I made this for people who want to make a helicopter with minimal effort. Its flight is pretty realistic and it can be used with any size or shape heli.
Easy noob tutorial here...
To use unzip into your garrysmod/data/adv_duplicator folder. Then upload it to any server you want to play on. This base will work on any server that has wiremod.
You must have Phx3 and wiremod to use this base.
W Forward
S Backwards
A Rotate left
D Rotate right
Space Up
Shift Down
Mouse 1 Strafe left
Mouse 2 Strafe right
Feel free to use and modify this anyway you want. I would appreciate credits to be added to anything you release made with this prop. Hope you enjoy!

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