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The complete Ship spawnlist.
Place the files into your:
What you see in the image is only a few available stuff from many.
If you don't have The Ship than you can get it's models free and legal:
In the steam client go to the "Tools" tab and download the "The Ship Dedicated Server".
You won't be able to play the ship games but you'll download a file called "the ship common.gcf".
From it you can extract two directory:
"materials" and "models".
-Get program 'gcfscape'.
-Run it and open the needed gcf file. You will see the files inside the gcf file just like files in an archive with the archiver.
-Select what you want and right click and extract. Than set where to extract.
Go to your ...Steam\steamapps\YOURUSERNAME\garrysmod\garrysmod\addons directory and create a new one there. For example "ship".
Than place the two extracted directory there.
Create an "info.txt" file. (copy it from an another addon and modify it as you want)
Start g-mod and you'll get access to all of the models the game has.

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  • ship_characters.txt
  • ship_decor.txt
  • ship_food_-_needs_-_weapons.txt
  • ship_furniture.txt
  • ship_lighting_-_doors.txt
  • ship_misc.txt
  • ship_vfx_-_skybox.txt