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Originally uploaded by Pretbek on 14th July 2012 22:49 pm

Hey everybody, Pretbek here with another map for you all
To install the map, unzip the file into:
This map is an update from zombiesurvival_invasion_v1x. More like an enhancement i would say.
The map contains the same amount and kind of buildings as first such as:
-Police Headquarters
and many more
In addition to everything from the old version, i also added way more details to the map. Better textures,
better spawnpoints, better effects and alot of new world props and events. The map contains autoamtic
zombiespawnpoints and also rain and a thunder/lightning sequence, which will randomly occure.
Also does the map contain left 4 dead models but the game is NOT REQUIRED!.
If you like this map and would like to support me, join my steam group. Donations are ofcourse welcome
Special credits to my modeller Sgt.Potato for making several models such as hospital sign
  • maps/
    • zombiesurvival_invasion_v2x.bsp
  • materials/
    • maps/
      • zombiesurvival_invasion_v2x.vmt
      • zombiesurvival_invasion_v2x.vtf
  • Pretbek readme.txt