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Originally uploaded by Fuffe on 6th January 2011 01:31 am

This is a map for the GMod gamemode TTT (Trouble in Terrorist Town). Some features do not and will not work for Sandbox.
The map takes place inside (and beneath - in a Resident Evil hive like complex) a cottage located deep, deep inside a forest, and is only accessible by helicopter or by walking. Inside the cottage, there is a hidden entrance that leads you straight into the underground complex that was built there, together with a bunch of traps!
*Much bigger cabin
*Much bigger spawn area
*More air ducts for better/more varied transportation around the map
*Two more trap rooms
*Various fixes to make it better working in sandbox for those who like that
*Manymanymany bug fixes

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  • maps/
    • ttt_trappycottage_b2.bsp