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Bigcity monorail! [Dupe]

Originally uploaded by Eddy (32) on 7th November 2010 13:27 pm

Yay! A fully automatic monorail train in the Bigcity!
To start it, press START, to start it in the other direction, press OVERRIDE, to set the speed back to 15, press RESET, to emergency stop, press NUMPAD ZERO at all time.
This train will take a turn in 15 KPH, move straight in 40 KPH and move above highway in 85 KPH.
Be sure to mark the "Paste at original location" and "Paste at original angle".
Extract to /garrysmod/data/adv_duplicator/
This will work only on gm_bigcity, if you haven't one, download it here:
The video of the ride:

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