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For this Adv Dup you will need:
Tiled blocks
Special thanks to Bannilla for his simple (but very maneuverable) wire planes that are at the core of this design - the swordfish has however been rebuilt with tiled blocks for lower lag. Strip it down if you need to.
This is a Thruster only aircraft, no hoverballs.
This is an afternoons work, so it isn't perfect - do with it as you will.
Swordfish II controls;
Get in just behind the pod near-ish to the engine - then rotate your view to be looking down the nose of the craft.
(go crazy with the color tool if you can't find it)
W - pitch down
A - roll Left (anti-clockwise)
S - Pitch up
D - Roll right (clockwise)
Space - forwards
Shift - Afterburners
Mouse 1 - primary weapon (usually direct file)
Mouse 2 - Secondary weapon ('artillery' or 'Fire and forget' weapon)
R - 'Artillery'
If your bored try to make a working version of the Redtail (faye's ship) or the
Hammerhead (Jet's ship), beat me to it if you can be bothered.
They're my next projects, but time is hard to come by. (VTOLs are my next learning curve).
See you space cowboy

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        • swordfish ii - g3.txt
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        • swordfish ii - mguns.txt
  • Read Me - swordfish II.txt
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