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This is a self-build MingePod, after the ones in War of the Servers. Requires Dav0r's Archive, I think.
It's a .vmf-File, I hope you know how to use it in GMod 10, I don't (made it in GMod 9)
The laser is actually shooting when spawning the pod.
-The Gun is not turnable
-The wheels are attached with the wheel tool, I don't know whether it's working in GMod 10.
-No melon cannon inside
-No lights
-No Razorblade attached to the gun
I am not the first to do this, and I think I'm not the last one, but at least this works in GMod 9, too, and without WireMod.
Right now, it's the nearest one to the real one, because it's yet the only one made in GMod9. WOTS takes place in GMod 9.

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