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TDM Gt500 & Rx8 skins

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Originally uploaded by AaO|^2Davis ^7* on 7th October 2011 19:48 pm

Hay, 6 new skins for TDM Gt500 and Rx8.
Gt500: Fanlken U.S. Drift king theme, Police skin, and two from need for speed run but the one with the back front pillar had to have the bonnet black as well do to overlap on the model template.
Rx8:One from The fast and the Furious Tokyo Drift, and one I made to see what the out come will be for later use on other skins.
And my Supra skins:
You can request skins at the bottom and there will be EXCLUSIVE skins to TDM Server so join!:
File for cars:

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