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Pw0nageXD's RP Gun Machines

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Originally uploaded by =|NLR|= Narry G on 11th May 2010 22:21 pm

These are 2 automatic gun machines I made. For both, 4 on the numpad is to open the gun compartment, 5 for the money area. For V2: 6 on the numpad to get to the money box, don't spawn it outside the building it's shown in or it will be missing a part that covers the inside, and it doesn't like knives for some reason. Sorry!
I know there a lot of these out there but I just wanted to release mine to the public.
To change the prices, look for the constant value chip with 5 variables. Leave the first one the same, and make the other 4 the prices you want. (Sorry about the ridiculous prices on it. I made it on a server that has intense gun prices.)
Also, if you see me on a server I'm either: Pw0nage XD, Little Kuriboh, A zombie Named Joe, Narry Gewman, or something on the terms of Pw0nage XD.

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  • data/
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      • Pw0nage XD's Gunmachine final.txt
      • Pw0nage XD's Gunmachine v2 final.txt