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Operation: Code

Originally uploaded by Shenanigals! on 21st May 2010 22:59 pm

Before you start again, trolls, I only use the "fake guns" that are attached to the models for picture posing! >_<
Since the Russian's failure to successfully recover the launch coordinates from the ICBM facility, they have been using an abandoned Chateau as a temporary Base of operations, mainly for gathering intel on future operations.
You will have to infiltrate the Chateau, and meet up with the other squad at their entrance point, (a.k.a- T Spawn :P) and locate the primary intelligence quarters and bring down it's connections.
This save was created on de_chateau.
This Save requires:
Counter-Strike: Source
(This is fun with) Tactical Weapons Pack:

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            • half-life-010.sav

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  • half-life-010.sav