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DarkRP Money Printer Extras1.1

Originally uploaded by Matthew on 8th June 2010 14:47 pm

Fixed version, now the cooler actually works (yay.)
Edits the Darkrp money printer, and adds two new buyable attachments to it.
It was requested here;
I did this because I was seriously bored, and yes, I am ashamed.
Goes into garrysmod/garrysmod/gamemodes/Darkrp/Entities/Entities
And be sure to replace the old money printer!
--Matt - Editting.
--DarkRP editters - Original scripts.
Be sure to take a look at some of the scripts I'm actually proud of!
Entity code (Add to addentities.lua):
AddEntity("Money Printer Collector", "money_printer_collector", "models/props_c17/consolebox01a.mdl", 100, 3, "/buycollector", {TEAM_GANG, TEAM_MOB})
AddEntity("Money Printer Cooler", "money_printer_cooler", "models/props_c17/consolebox01a.mdl", 75, 3, "/buycooler", {TEAM_GANG, TEAM_MOB})
  • money_printer_collector/
    • cl_init.lua
    • init.lua
    • shared.lua
  • money_printer_cooler/
    • cl_init.lua
    • init.lua
    • shared.lua
  • money_printer/
    • cl_init.lua
    • init.lua
    • shared.lua