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Originally uploaded by Fish on 24th February 2010 21:15 pm

Yo, it's my second map. The map takes place in NYC, even though the map doesn't look like it.
-Empty shop
-5 apartments
-Industrial area
-Net café
-Café below a building
-Freezing room for market
-Gun shop
-2 garages
-A skyscraper with a penthouse
-Abandoned building with 2 garages
-A small port
-Working drawbridge between manhattan and bronx (You can make the bridge go up and down)
-Gas station
-2 houses
-Underground parking lot
Known bugs:
-When you open the left garage door of the house in Bronx, the right garage door opens too.
-Small hole in a building near skyscraper with penthouse. (Hardly noticeable, and good thing you can't go through it)
victormeriqui for level design and help
Sgt.Sgt for lampost model
All custom models' and textures' authors
AND, DL the missing ceiling textures here, it's only 100kb
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  • RP_NewYorkcity.bsp