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zm_bluevelvet_rc1 + Level

zm_bluevelvet_rc1 + Level

Originally uploaded by Buddha (5) on 30th May 2010 18:49 pm

*** I take credit to ONLY the Saved Level***
The ENTIRE MAP is credited to JohnSmith!
This includes a Zombie Map, and a Saved game Level for it. This map was created by JohnSmith, a very talented Map creator.
The map's called zm_bluevelvet_rc1.
The map was originally intended for Zombie Master, but works for Gmod 100%.
To see more of JohnSmith's creation, check his profile:
I tried not to make this level lag as much as the one I had created Previously.
The only requirement is:
Door Stool -
*Original scripted Mission in map*
This was made by JohnSmith, for Zombie Master, but since this is Gmod, it might not work.
You start off in a Room, Full of supplies, you get ready and then head out through an alley way and into the streets of a City.
There after, you should find a Street Phone that still works, Use it, A female will then open the Door into the Subway, but you need to wait 2 minutes. After that, you go into the Train station, and into the employee's area.
Activate a radio, go into the Lab area of the Station and unlock the doors.
(You need more than 1 player)
Go into the Subway, and go through the certain
Employee's only door in the Subway tunnel.
You should be lead into an underground zombie Facility, which looks like it's been destroyed and abandoned. Make your way through the area, and shut down the valves (In Picture 2).
The area should then start to explode, escape as far back as possible. The screen then turns black, and the mission ends.
This is scripted INTO the map, so you may need to delete some doors that are locked.
zm_bluevelvet_rc1 is possibly one of my favorite maps ever created, one of the scariest, one of the most detailed.
I HIGHLY suggest people start making more Single player maps like this one.
Friendly reminder, if you really dislike the creation, or you have nothing respectful to say, just be

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    • common
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        • garrysmod
          • addons
            • zm_bluevelvet_rc1 + Level <-- Addon folder!
              • e.g.
              • lua
              • maps
              • materials
              • models
              • etc

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  • zm_bluevelvet_rc1 + Level/
    • Maps/
      • zm_bluevelvet_rc1.bsp
    • Read Me (Or You'll be lost).txt
    • Save/
      • half-life-042.sav
      • half-life-042.tga
      • zm_bluevelvet_rc1.hl3