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Wooden Sniper Tower

Originally uploaded by SSgt. Marxman on 11th January 2011 15:01 pm

Welcome to Wooden Sniper Tower. Here, we'll get you acquainted with all the features. We have included visuals for an assistance, and will explain them later in this briefing.
First off, we need to let you know exactly what this is. This is a State-of-The-Art sniper tower. It was put together in the war we know as WoodWars. It was designed for sniping individuals on foot, but some operators decided to use it as anti-aircraft with rocket launchers and Stinger Missiles.
Next, we will explain these pictures to you. The first is the tower itself, without any damage. The second, or middle, is the tower just getting hit by a grenade. The third is the tower after being burned down.
Now, you need to know the instructions: climb up the ladder by looking up, jumping, and running. Once you are up,unfreeze it to prevent hostiles from climbing up the ladder.
That map is gm_botmap_v3, and it can be found in the armory, or, better known as, the "Toybox"
Gear up, soldiers, and get ready for battle. Good luck... You'll need it.
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