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Derka's dual rotor

Originally uploaded by derkaderka on 17th August 2010 06:32 am

I was messin around with making my new V-22 tilt-rotor, and I stumbled across some old joystick controlled Avatar helicopters I made and I remade one and re-tooled it for mouse control
I added some mouse aimed 50 cals for fun and balanced it out, so here it is.
Controls are:
Mouse=Pitch and roll
A/D= rudder
W/S= thrust
Mouse1= fires driver's minigun
Ive heard that my dupes seem to wig out, which I am still investigating. Try downloading everything in this list and try the trouble-shooting ideas.
You need PHX3, wiremod, parenting stool, and weight stool in order to limit the variables.
Try on Flatgrass
Try spawning with higher height offset
try getting a better computer
post in comments what works or doesnt work.

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