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Originally uploaded by Lilyeti on 27th November 2009 18:45 pm

A realistic, 100% wired cannon, (Adv-dupe file)capable of shooting props fast enough to kill plauyers, NPCs and even break destructable props.
W- Move barrle up
S- Move barrle down
D- Rotate right
A- Rotate left
Right click- spawn ammo (don't spawn them too fast, wait about 3 seconds to avoid spazzing)
Left click- Fire!
You may need to re-do the axis' on the wheels, just remove the wheels, spawn the same prop, set their weight to 16000, and axis them onto the frame using a friction of 8.
Also, use the physical propertes tool to make the barrle super-iced, and no gravity.
-Up-to-date wire.
-Hopefully it works as well for you as it does for me.
Oh, and...sorry guys, it probably wouldn't work well with my ship. This cannon uses a forcer to launch spawned props. You are not able to operate more than one at once,it does not damage unbreakable props, and the ammo may spazz due to the motion of the ship.
You would probably be better off downloading an addon that has weapons that destroy props (like Gcombat).

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  • cannon-first person.7z