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Originally uploaded by Rich McNinch on 22nd September 2007 21:27 pm

2 Maps Included, Daylight and Nighttime
Half-Life 2 Deathmatch: RP Richland Townhomes
Based on the deathmatch map DM_Richland
Instructions: Put rp_richlandday.bsp and rp_richlandnight.bsp in your
"half-life 2 deathmatch\hl2mp\maps" directory.
Theres nowhere else quite like Richland. An isolated apartment complex
shrouded in mystery, worthy of exploration. Will you discover its secrets?
New RP Features!
* Spawns placed outside of apartments, hidden passages removed.
* Weapon and item spawns placed discretely out of view.
* Lights on/off, Access to the Skybox, Doors lock and windows repair.
* Mobile TVs and Camera, Lightsabers, Weapon Zapper, Beds, Doorbells...
Custom Stuff:
- Virtually all indoor textures, posters and artwork.
- Music by The Slats
- Stereo model by The LoveMeister
Special thanks to DrTimothy at for all his help.
Deathmatch Servers: (RP/Nokill Option) (DM Only)
Created by Rich McNinch
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