FS_GS-Teamspeak by V92

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Originally uploaded by V92 on 22nd May 2011 18:30 pm

The GMod Soldiers Teamspeak made into a level.
Been workin' on this since February.
All Custom Content is Packaged into the BSP.
After hearing the many jokes about what was in the NCO offices, I decided to make a whole map.
Rooms / Sections:
- Public Lobby
- Root Lobby (Pic 2)
- Lobbies 1 - 6 (Lobby 4 in Pic 3)
- Development Hanger / Angry Dome
- Operation Control Room
- NCO Offices
- Oddball's Office
- Actual Sounds from the Teamspeak Program for entering 'channels'
- Wall Art of moments in GS Events
- Spinning Fans in the Lobbies
- Whiteboards to write on with the Rope Tool
- Rhys' Throne of Agony
- Deployable Desk Extensions for Promotion Boards
- Hologram Display Computers
- Not-So-Secret Credit Room
- Probably Some More Shit I Forgot to Say.
Thanks & Credits to:
Jesse V92 - Mapping, Textures, Models
Cire992 - Mass Effect Props
Haxxer - Mass Effect Omni-Tool Welder
TheBestFlash - Carpet Textures for Lobbies
Xhizors - Parking Lot Ground Texture
Hint: When inside the vent, shoot the lights in the two sides.
Fun Facts:
It's almost entirely Self-Lit via textures.
It went through 205 Versions during Development.
The fountain was originally a square box fountain in the middle of the root lobby.
The tunnel in the parking lot is designed to look like the blocked off tunnel in gs_bootcamp_v2 and had a change level trigger at one point.
Rhys' Throne of Agony is actually a recycled chair without the back made in Propper.

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