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(V3.1) Elevator Tower 9 Floors

Originally uploaded by ♪♫【Lumina on 28th February 2011 04:42 am

New release again. :D
Extract to garrysmod/data folder.
--- V3.1 ---
- Fixed wheel speed problem at the floor 0 (Weight problem)
- Displaying on the wheels, a part of the system (the mysterious black prop ;))
--- V3 ---
- Decreased speed of the elevator from 150 to 130 (Smoother Rate value).
- Adding dynamic door at the ground
- Adding wheels system for more realistic motors effects
- Fixed no-collide bugs at the floor 7
--- v2.1 ---
- Adding Floor indicator on the elevator
- Fixed the sound and ranger delays when the elevator stops at floors.
- Adjusting weight of the elevator.
--- V2 ---
- Increased speed of the elevator to 150 (Smoother Rate Value).
- Adding stop sound for each floors (Plats/elevator_stop1.wav)
- New move sound (plats/skylift_move.wav)
- Color/material of the tower and the elevator has changed
- Adding sparks effects when you press a button (Like in HL1 when an elevator is a crap)
- Added a panel at the ground that show in what floor is the elevator
--- V1 ---
- First release.
  • adv_duplicator/
    • elevator tower v3 (4).txt