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Originally uploaded by schmendict on 31st August 2006 01:58 am

A half-life 2 city themed Role-Play or DM map for Half-Life 2: Deathmatch. This map is the other side of the tunnel from City 17. This level so far includes; gas station, police station with prison, warehouse, parking garage, two stores, mixed use building with blown up apartments, sewer shack, 3½ houses, white apartment building (3 apartments) ,orange apartment building (2 apartments), rebel hidden armory, and a bar. There are also several vehicles (most by DaMaN). There are 2 civilian cars; combine helicopter; rebel heli; controllable scanner and manhack; 2 combine APCs and 2 rebel buggies.
Thanks to a very poor and uninspired download, I decided to upload a map, with heaps more info, that I can hardly play, as I get 2FPS on it.
Nethertheless, determined that no one should attempt to download such an awesome map from a poor source, I ventured out and took some pics for you all, although three pictures doesn't quite cover the scale of the map.
A whymsical guy named Rickler created this, kudos to him!
It includes pilotable/drivable vehicles of some kind, I haven't really delved/couldn't really delve deep enough into the map to find out.
Original thread is here, as an official thread was never created on Facepunch.
I hope this has been informative enough for you guys.

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