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Originally uploaded by SGC on 13th April 2010 04:33 am

SG Ship v1.0 - Readme
Created by trmin8r
Extract to garrysmod/garrysmod/data/adv_dup (place in whichever folder you would like inside this folder
This is a ship that is loosely related to the Stargate series
Gateroom with Atlantis Gate and Iris
Mobile DHD
Shield (sort of; the ship is too big for the whole shield)
Fits through a Supergate (if you steer carefully)
Three drone launchers
4 ZPM's (2 MK2's, 2 regular) (located behind stargate), linked to the control chair, shield, and drone launchers
Stargate Addon
Wiremod (I think)
Stargate McKay's Pack
I created the ship entirely by myself; however, I did not create the models used in it (the SBEP, stargate, etc).
- The ship is a bit hard to steer; if anyone could help me with that, please let me know on steam (trmin8r267)
- If you have anything to add, feel free to let me know! Just contact me on steam
- This is my first upload of my first project, so remember that if you think that it's not very good or whatever.
- This IS a work in progress. It is far from complete but I wanted to upload what I have so far.
I have almost finished sg_ship2 (the fixed version of this ship with hull upgrades and Life support). I will upload it as soon as I can, so download that when it shows up.
I am still working on new ships to post, but had a few computer problems a little while ago, so had to start from scratch. The new ships will have full maneuverability and will feature items from Carter's Addon Pack including enhanced ZPM's, the control chair, drones, LS, new gates, better shields, etc!

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