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Uploading this to because sure, why not?
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A complete remake of an (very) old map I created. The map is fully nodded, allowing both ground and air npcs (including striders!) to jump from ledges, know where to take cover, and follow you across the map. **Hl2 Ep2 is REQUIRED to be mounted to see most of the stuff on the map**
**READ THIS (please)--->** I have no idea what the reason for this is, but it would appear as though you cannot load the map directly after loading gmod or the map will crash (for me, anyways).
**HOW TO AVOID THIS:** Load any other map first, THEN load this one and it shouldn't crash. Let me know if it does and I'll continue to look into fixing this.
-ground nodes
-air nodes
-jump nodes
-strider nodes
-large and open forest
-2 small caves
-a swamp
-a turret (mountable by both npcs and players)
Tell me what you think of the map, or tell me if you want something to be added to the map and I'll see what I can do about implementing it!

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  • gm_mainland/
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