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Tinkerer's Wire Mod Tutorial

Originally uploaded by Tinkerer on 12th September 2007 12:25 pm

This is my first tutorial and also my first upload on
I made this Wire-Mod tutorial because I often heard that people don't know how to use that tool or know how to build one but not how it works.
Therefore I explained some utilities on the basis of some simple gatgeds:
- Auto-Switching Light (alarm)
- Simple APDS (Anti-Person-Defense-System)
- Auto-Closing Stargate Iris (outdated because of new updates)
- How to open that closed Iris from the other side (too)
- And the Stargate Auto-Dialer (too)
(!This is no Video! Its a Word Document!)
Hope you'll enjoy it ^.-
EDIT: THX for downloading. I took long time (because of bugs etc) to think about new things to wire which are not uploaded by someone else already.
It's bad, that I have no time for Videos because of my Job-Training. But I'll try to explain the following things within another manual-like Tutorial.
I will add some links for u where u can find the best Wire sources (Info, Download etc.)
What I want to show U?
- Satellite Camera
- Satellite Cannon (with Camera)
- Pulsing Alarm
- an example for Hoverball-Wiring
- A Clock (saw a lot of people who used thousands of chips for this!)
and lots of other things
Hope you will enjoy it

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