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Originally uploaded by Issurxozo(Akar) on 24th December 2010 18:18 pm

Hello again. this is my snowmobile. its ment for all you winter lovers. its got realistic turning and somewhat suspension with a nice 1980 look. i havent tested the speed but it goes faster then a jeep. its pretty nice and was hard to make.its still a beta version so it may mess up sometimes if you pick it up with a physgun. you cant make it drive on water so use the bouyancy tool if you want. it goes in the adv dup file in data. the file is safe so i dont whant that gay report shit up again. enjoy and ask akar on steam for any questions. thanks. do not claim as your own
phx 3
expression 2
maybe others.i been tyring to upload this forever but that report shit kept poping up.Have any ideas.shout em out

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