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Fun Escape Mission

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Originally uploaded by [HZ]Pfc. 2Pac on 3rd October 2010 14:10 pm

I was Bored so Made a little something.
Story. You and your guys Car brakes down and there are zombies everywhere! There are two sides one side has zombies the other side combine. You start on the zombies side You have to find a button that says open gates.Its in one of the buildings on the zombie side. Once you have done that make your way to the combine side somewhere over there you will find a heli but you can't get in it because theres a lock code. What you have to do is find a newspaper with the code on it. Then once you do you enter it and get in and get out of the town.
Ok guys now I know you can get over on the other side by jumping in the water and crossing. But for the fun of the game dont do it. Just do the objective.
RP_SilentHill Map (Just go download it in the Toybox)
Enjoy. And leave only good comments. Or dont say nothing at all. Becuase im sick of people thinking they have to say something becuase they think there the shit.

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  • readme.txt
  • half-life-000.sav
  • half-life-000.tga