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Black Ops: Swep Minipack 1

Hey guys, I've been away for ages and thought I would make something.
Sorry I couldn't upload the direct file it was too big so the link is inside here, I don't like black ops. But when I get bored, I make sweps so this is what it includes
-AK74u, Tiger camo
-AK47, Tiger camo
-Commando reflex, Yukon camo
-Madcows base
-None :D
*Don't forget to request sweps, as long as your provide models*
EDIT 1: Since I've been banned from posting comments so I'll reply here
1. Don't they have black ops sounds? they should, I'll fix it up.
2.Check the sound folder they do have the black ops sounds.
3. Ah, ok. Well my next minipack will be up soon so I'll fix it in that.
eriktherandom: Agreed
Lord: Rofl, I love that.
EDIT 2: New pack out with 2 new weapons and sound fix for this pack, get it here:
EDIT 3: Front page thanks guys :3 New pack will come out soon
EDIT 4: New pack out! it includes Death machine and MP5K. Link:
Add me here:
Or join the group:
New sweps coming soon:
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