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Scary Gmod Coop X

Originally uploaded by Emnu on 11th September 2011 09:48 am

My Mappack is out, it has this and much more:
Made by Hannu Korvala, alias Emnu
This is the fourth scary gmod coop, this is simply a small remake of the first one. Is a bit longer though
and has different "scares".
If you don't have episodes, have not played any of the series and want to play a longer map. Play this merged version of all 4 instead:
Links for earlier versions:
  • Readme.txt
  • scary_gmod_coop_X.bsp
  • scary_gmod_coop_x0000.jpg
  • scary_gmod_coop_x0001.jpg
  • scary_gmod_coop_x0002.jpg
  • scary_gmod_coop_x0003.jpg
  • scary_gmod_coop_x0004.jpg