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rp_lakeside_v4 fixed

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Originally uploaded by I Waste Air on 12th August 2008 16:26 pm

This is a remake of a very popular rp map made in gmod8 or 9 or something before that. Also note that it was one of the first rp maps ever made so its not very good quality compared to current ones.
The upload by TiMeX was corrupted (at least for me) so i reuploaded this.
I didn't make the map and i don't know who did (i dont even think TiMeX made it) but its a very good map and its still my favorite since gmod8
No it is not a corrupted file (at least for me because i just tried it)
Yes it does work with gmod10 multiplayer and singleplayer
Yes all the custom textures are part of the map (except the portable dvd player thing but that didnt even work in gmod8 or 9)
It consists of:
Good lakeside Construction area,
bar with upstairs deck and pool table,
computer store,
hotel with 3 or 4 rooms and a pool,
dance club under the bridge (no music but with a few sound emitters and/or a raveball you'll have a blast),
a few empty store and business lots,
music store,
gadget store,
docking area with 2 boats,
Police station with a big office on the second floor,
a few empty houses of various sizes,
pretty lake =] (its very large and perfect for making boats and ships and junk),
area for the mob to hide out on the lake (with its very own escape hatch!),
lil' hobo areas,
'n much more!
both the gunstore's and PD's armory consists of shotguns, magnums, and smgs +ammo for all
there's a secret hallway found inside the secret hobo area which has a secret room stocked with a few stunsticks.
there's a plane you can try to fly but i found it rather difficult
press E on the controller to start
mouse1 to accelerate, w makes it go down, s makes it go up, a and d are the standard left and right controls.

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