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SCC v13.6 (temporary).zip

Originally uploaded by -XI- on 21st September 2011 18:33 pm

This file only serves a testing purpose. A bug-free version should be uploaded soon.
SpaceCraft Control 13.6 by XrayIndia (-XI-)
### Setup instructions ###
The easiest way to use SCC is to spawn the adv_dupe of an operational ship that can be found in the adv_duplicator folder.
Eternal Silence's ship pack is needed to spawn it:
You need to sit in the seat that spawns next to the ship to pilot it.
To simulate a proper space environment, it is essential to remove air friction and prop gravity (and not player gravity)
You can set this using the console commands. If your console doesn't have these commands, install this addon:
and set the following:
phys_gravity_z 0
phys_airdensity 0
Note: You can also use SCC with air friction and gravity but this won't provide a correct space simulation.
Use the hover thrusters if necessary.
SpaceCraft Control is designed to be used with a joystick using Night-Eagle's joystick module, which can be found here:
Joystick bindings have to match the following configuration:
1: Pitch
2: Yaw
3: Roll
4: Throttle (forward)
5: Reverse
6: Translation mode activation (keep pressed)
7: Translation Stabilisation Deactivation (keep pressed)
8: Hover thrusters activation
Extra controls:
Space: Manual thrust control
WASD: Translation
Mouse1: External view (if you get the seat's 3rd person view, press control)
Mouse2: Cockpit mouse view (keep pressed, doesn't work well unless the seat is welded to the ship)
SCC can also be controlled using only the keyboard. To do so, simply disconnect the SpaceCraft Input Manager expression2's "Joy" wirelink input.
Nevertheless, this significantly reduces SCC's precision.
Space: Throttle (forward)
R: Reverse
WS: Pitch

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  • adv_duplicator/
    • spacecraft control v13 6.txt
  • Expression2/
    • sc_camera_manager_v3_2.txt
    • sc_control_v13_6.txt
    • sc_input_manager_v1_3.txt
  • SCC wire schematic.png
  • Readme.txt