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Originally uploaded by Captain British on 17th November 2010 18:15 pm

This is the final version of my map ttt_arctic_complex, after a number of betas over the last few weeks I think I've reached a natural stopping point. I'd love to keep working on this indefinitely but I think I'd be far better off moving onto another project at this time.
ttt_arctic_complex is the culmination of around 200 hours worth of work over the last month or so. Based in the frozen north, ttt_arctic_complex seems to have been generally well received by everyone I have shown it to and the majority of people have told me they've really enjoyed it, so naturally I'm quite proud.
It is composed of two main "levels", the lab and the Fortress.
The Fortress is a wide open space with lots of buildings, traps and long range weaponry where as the Lab tends to focus on close ranged stuff, the teleporter creates a perfect escape route from assassinations too.
Making the map unique is a collection of easter eggs (which I will leave you to find yourselves), a very epic Tower Collapse sequence created by the fantastic Zyx and a melon racer track (designed by Orange Monkey) with which to entertain yourself while you are dead.
Thanks go out to:
Zyx for being generally awesome, making the tower collapse model and fixing up the elevator.
Orange Monkey for the Melon Racer track idea and design
ZapDing putting me onto the idea for the clouds which is now defunct due to an engine update which broke them (Thanks, VALVe!).
The Octarine Moon squad for testing, help and ideas
The creator of ttt_office_b1, I drew a lot of inspiration for the lower levels from that.
The creator of the Tardis 2005 model, "Carl" on Sorry I wasn't able to find a way to contact you directly and ask for permission to package the model.
Change log:
17/10/2010, Final:
Another easter egg!
More detail additions
Added custom bumpmaps in areas I thought could use them.
Slight vis portal optimization
Melons now respawn when broken
You may now enter t

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  • maps/
    • ttt_arctic_complex_ttt.txt
    • ttt_arctic_complex.bsp
  • materials/
    • maps/
      • ttt_arctic_complex.vmt
      • ttt_arctic_complex.vtf
  • readme.txt