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Originally uploaded by naitoookami on 11th June 2010 19:51 pm

This map is just gm_ravemaker and gm_rave_club mixed together retextured because it had some missing the songs pakratted and then converted to TTT.
Wow that description didnt make any sense ok im going to revise that the map is gm_ravemaker and gm_rave_club mixed into one map and i also retextured it because it was missing some textures. I only mixed together these maps because gm_rave_club was cluttered with errors and missing textures and the sounds didnt even work but gm_ravemaker worked perfectly but it wasent textured so i textured that (ill release the textured version of gm_ravemaker later) and then combined the two maps.
*A DJ panel with several good songs all pakratted into the map with light, laser, and fog controls (also fully customizeable colors)
*a decently sized bar
*some building space outside and inside the club (good for building and maybe roleplaying to)

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    • common
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            • TTT_RaveClubv2 <-- Make this folder!
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              • lua
              • maps
              • materials
              • models
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  • maps/
    • ttt_raveclubv2.bsp
  • data/
    • ttt/
      • maps/
        • ttt_raveclubv2_ttt.txt
  • readme.txt