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Scary United Coop(No episodes)

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  • Uploaded: 7 months ago
  • Updated: 6 months ago
  • Type: Map
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  • Tags: scary, horror, coop, united

Originally uploaded by Emnu on 18th August 2012 16:00 pm

My Mappack is out, it has this and much more:
Scary United Coop!
Get ready to be scared shitless! Play and finish a long and challenging scary map, with some cooperative stuff in it.
A group of survivor(s) wake up in what looks like an abandoned house, but what lurks inside of the great dark hallways? Only you can find it out, you control the game now.
- No noclipping
- Best to play at a group of 2 (More is OK too)
- If you get stuck to another player, feel free to use noclip
- Use basic weapons only, no custom weapons
- Do not use physgun
- Preferably walk slowly and take your time, do not sprint
Few notes:
- Does not require episodes
- If you have played any other scary gmod coop, dont play this
- This is a merge of all of the 4 earlier ones
- I wasnt able to fit in horror_experiment due to max brushes
- I have tested this on Garry's Mod 13 beta, 100% functionability not quaranteed
- Not for those who might have a heart attack or other dangerous stuff like that
Links for the maps that are merged:
- Scary gmod coop 1
- Scary gmod coop 2
- Scary gmod coop 3
- Scary gmod coop X
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