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Timer/Bomb Dupe + Bonus

Timer/Bomb Dupe + Bonus

Originally uploaded by asialsky on 15th December 2010 01:12 am

This is a very simple timer rigged to count down from 30. When placed, it automatically counts down. Pressing the button resets it, and locks it. Simply press RESET again, and the countdown will begin, again.
Also included is a bomb version that's useful for terrorist RPs, or anything else where you need a bomb that explodes.
BONUS: Not really a bonus, just an updated version of my work-in-progress PHX house. NOW ON STILTS!
P.S. Bomb can be defused by pressing the button, using the wire-compatible EMP Grenade, or by breaking the shelf.
P.S.S. The "Ignore.xml" document is just so the site will let me upload these dupes!
P.S.S.S. Yes, I know, a certain someone says all of my stuff sucks, but he's missing out! :D

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  • bonus/
    • wooden destructible zombie fort final (stilts).txt
  • timer/
    • wired timer (bomb).txt
    • wired timer.txt
  • README.txt
  • gm_flatgrass0014.jpg
  • gm_flatgrass0013.jpg
  • ignore.xml