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Hello and welcome to the StarExplorer!
+ Very stable construction
+ Special engine system
(You can choose the power you want and then toggle the engines)
+ "HyperMode"
(Very fast - use with caution =P)
+ Cockpit with many, useful displays
+ Lights, sound, and much more!
PHX Premium Model Pack
Advanced Duplicator
Copy the "star.explorer.txt" into your "garrysmod/data/adv_duplicator" folder.
Flying with the StarExplorer:
Keys: (all on numpad)
7: Toggle engines (Forward)
8+2: Engine power up/down
9+2: Hyper mode power up/down
1: Toggle reverse mode (Backward)
5: Toggle hyper mode (Very Fast)
4+6: right/left
*: Toggle lights
0: Toggle Siren
+: Up
-: Down
The cockpit:
All displays are explained from the left to the right side.
Engine Real/Hyper Real: Displays the power the thruster will provide at last
Speed: The current speed of the ship
Engine State/Reverse State: Shows if Forward/Backward mode is toggled on or off
Engine Power: The power which is set to the main engines
Hyper Power/State: Displays the power given to the hyper mode and if it is toggled on/off
If you have any problems/questions please write an email to me at:
Have fun!

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