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VMF Release:
This is the second version of gm_portalstruct. It's not much of a "new version" though, as I changed only a few things.
gm_portalstruct_v2 includes:
-a construction area a bit larger than that of gm_construct
-AI nodes
-a completely working Aperture Science Emergency Intelligence Incenerator (yes, i fixed the bug)
-a small dark room
-two other rooms
-a switch to turn off all lights
It's a good map for constructing, having npc wars, and other stuff. I doubt I'll make a version 3. Like the last version, feel free to decompile and edit this map. However, if you release an edited version of this map, please give me credit! :D Also, it requires Portal.
Edit: btw the hazard water does NOT hurt you. I only included it cuz any other water does not render correctly due to the lack of a skybox.
Another Edit: When I said "I doubt I'll make a version 3", I lied. Most likely, I will make one. I'll try to add more stuff to it as well. However, I am not sure how long into the future this next release will be.
Yet Another Edit: There is a huge bug in this map where, as soon as you start out, you get a huge lag spike that will not go away. This is caused by (I think) overlay materials I used to make the incenerator room and dark room signs. This can be fixed in one of two ways:
1. Go to the light switch. Turn it off then turn it on. It should (for the most part) kill the lag.
2. Reload the map (for some reason, the signs don't show up in some games, but will appear in others. When they do not appear, this problem will not exist.)
I can assure you, this WILL be fixed in the next version. Until then, you're going to have to live with it or get the outdated version (not recommended). Thank you for helping me help you help us all.
Another Yet Another Edit: Wow. All I can say is Wow. I can't believe I got 1200+ downloads so fast. Just because of this huge sudden popularity, I'm starting gm_portalstruct_v3 much sooner than previously mentioned. Don't worr

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  • gm_portalstruct_v2.bsp