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Originally uploaded by Klayking on 14th September 2008 09:24 am

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Also download part 2:
Hello again everyone!
It has been just over a year since I released my first duplicator pack that went straight to the top of the popularity list... ...for about a day. :P
It is still recieving up to 50 downloads per week a year later!
So what's different about this pack?
Not much because I think I hit the winning formula with the old one.
The only differences are that I am no longer releasing those noobish contraptions such as my F16 Fighter Jet and I have learnt some wire!!!
My wire is not pro, so no wire gurus telling me that my work is noobish, OK?
I have only learnt some basic to intermediate wire so far, but I soon would like to learn how to make a plane stay in the sky. Keep tuned Gmod pilots!
Also I hope to be uploading duplications more frequently from now on. I am yet to build an offroader and a road car as well as an upgrade of my Go Kart!
Half-life 2: Episode Two
The Duplications:
Beechcraft Baron 58:
This plane is a joy to fly if you ever get the chance in real life. If you don't get the chance though, you can always fly it in Gmod! It is powered by a pod at the nose of the plane, and before you call me a noob for releasing a pod powered plane, let me tell you that I am planning to make it totally wired in the future.
Small Plane:
Like the Baron, this plane is shuttle based. Unlike the Baron it is completely fictional!
This is a large boat that can carry quite a lot of weight. In fact it can carry a container if you center it properly. I use it mainly for carrying Jeeps/Jalopies.
One of my better wire creations. The powerboat is much smaller than the ferry

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      • Klayking - Powerboat.txt
      • Klayking - Skeet Shoot.txt
      • Klayking - Small Plane.txt
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