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Originally uploaded by abcDystinct123 on 28th July 2010 23:05 pm

This is a legit working tank with 9 missles.
Mouse 1 = Fire
Mouse 2 = Missle Drop
W = Foward
A = Left
S = Reverse
D = Right
Enter the vehical in the back left tire.
Come to my server some time.
The IP is
Thanks for the 300 DL's everyone.
If you keep DLing, I'll keep uploading new stuff.
And please don't rage about you not liking it.

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  • rocketapc + rockets.txt
  • Instructions.txt
  • gm_flatgrass0033.jpg
  • gm_flatgrass0027.jpg
  • gm_flatgrass0024.jpg
  • Three Days Grace - Let It Die.mp3