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Black Mesa Roleplay Map

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Originally uploaded by [ALG] Alex on 16th July 2011 11:38 am

This is the Black Mesa Roleplay map for the BMRP 2011 project by Aerolite Gaming.
Map originally by "BarelyFatal" who appears to be inactive on gmod. Continued with permission by me.
Sector C
Working Test Chamber with teleport to Xen
Working Tram to Sector C & Hazard Course
Sewage System with spawn area in elevator
Hazard Course
Working Alarm
and anything I may have forgotten.
Test Chamber Instructions:
Send in a Xen Team member and get them to turn on the rotors.
Once rotors have been turned on, Press E on the bottom keyboard in the control room to activate stage 1, Then press E on the top keyboard to turn on stage 2. After 20 seconds the person in the test chamber will be teleported. Make sure only one person in the test chamber at one time otherwise they will get stuck inside each other when teleported.
Getting Back to Black Mesa:
Make sure the test chamber is switched on with both stages online for longer than 20 seconds. In Xen there will be a spinning teleporter, use the poles to climb up to it and jump inside it, you will then be teleported back into the test chamber.
There is also a secret button hidden in the map that will make a small explosion in the test chamber and shut it down.
Contact me on steam:
Gamemode by Deadeye
Sign up for progress updates, support on bugs and new versions at:
EDIT: Some idiot has reuploaded this on toybox changing the map name only and calling it "V2", Download this version as the other is pointless.

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