City 8 District 1 (OLD MAP!) by Dave Brown

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Originally uploaded by Davebrown on 26th January 2009 12:31 pm

(THIS IS AN OLD VERSION OF CITY 8 - AN EARLY BETA) presents the first of many community-map efforts in the City-8 pack.
TNB will soon be relaunching with a new storyline in City 8, Japan, to co-incide with the release of Tacoscript 2.
Design/Mapping/Texturing/Sound by Dave Brown.
Additional work by -
Cactus Fantastico
We would also like to thank JBarnes for his inspiration to make these map projects.
Features -
As just one part of Combine City 8, formerly Tokyo, Japan, District 1 is a medium sized sector split between old traditional apartments and post-invasion archetecture. Towards the far end of the street is the Nexus, which also encompasses a ration station, a few containment areas, the Central Command Hub, and also an overlook bridge.
On the right, are several upper-class residential blocks, designed for aspiring citizens. Close by is the Kato-Cafe, one of the few remaining resturants pardoned due to its family heritage in the City Administration ranks.
You will also find the "Synthetic Environment Module", a room used as a virtual-park for citizens to relax in.
Across the road is the standard housing allocation area, mixed with traditional apartments, shops, and an old disused theatre.
It is AI-Noded, and also Noded for Striders on the main road.
Despite days and days of optimisation, the map still dosnt work perfectly. Probably due to the fact we tried to cram so much in. This is still only my first map, so dont be surprised.

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