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Wired Analogue Clock

Wired Analogue Clock

Originally uploaded by Jonty on 22nd December 2010 22:17 pm

Jonty's Wired Analogue Clock V1
This Wired Analogue Clock will display the time in Hours, Minutes and Seconds.
It retrieves the time from the current server and uses a mathematical equation to convert the Secs, Mins and Hours into the appropriate angles.
If the server time is not from your timezone, you can adjust the hour up and down
using the controls in the Clock Admin Panel.
To open the Clock Admin Panel, press the Red Button on the side and physgun the door open.
This means your clock is protected from annoying Mingebags that want to change your time.
Sorry for the dupe screenshots in the zip file (and the random .IGNORE), wouldnt let me upload just .txt files :@)

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