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Rebels: Left 4 Dead

Originally uploaded by rabbidkane on 15th October 2009 09:58 am

The rebels hide away base has been invaded by alot of zombies and also a small combine scout team has been cought in the action!
ammo and replies are low and kliener is all alone in his secret lab!
your mission is simple kill as much zombies as u have to to reach kliener and see if he is still alive
( i have used some guns from the hl2 beta pack so u may need to download that)
i like this level but there are some gay bits at the beginning because my pc is shit it laggs so fucking much its weird so i had to make it smaller..... even though i have made much bigger levels in the past i think its the zombies that do i am very sorry for the small level and the lag at the beginning ill try and make they same level bigger but with combine see if that changes stuff =)
i dont expect to get much downloads on this one so its only 75+ downloads for my secret mission of doom!
if you liked this.. you'll love the sequel! the secret mission of doom! i took out the zombies so it ran fine and added combine and an extra bit to the level so its bigger! better! and omg! wtf! lol! play it now! click on my profile and dive in!

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  • steamapps
    • common
      • garrysmod
        • garrysmod
          • saves
            • half-life-000.sav
            • half-life-000.tga
            • read this !.txt

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  • half-life-000.sav
  • half-life-000.tga
  • read this !.txt