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Warhammer Whirlwind

Originally uploaded by GenericDefault on 3rd January 2010 03:20 am
Something not real for a change! This time it's an artillery tank called the Whirlwind from Warhammer 40k.
If you've played Warhammer you know that the whirlwind is a light tank that fires rockets to blow stuff up. This is the Gmod version, which has a longer range and crappier animations. The tank itself is a 1:1 scale model of the one in Warhammer. I tried to make it seem more like the one in Warhammer by giving it a satellite view of where it will esplode! Look at picture 3 for an example. Remember that it's an artillery tank; don't bother using it in tank to tank combat because you'll get owned. The only way to hit targets at long distances is to hold mouse2 for a satellite view, then pick a target and fire the rockets.
-1:1 scale
-Unique automatic range compensator with my own custom equation
-Satellite view with several zoom levels
-Engine sounds
-Fake lights and treads
Fake back hatch that you can walk through like Jesus to get into the seat
-Hologram ring to tell you how accurate the rockets will be
-Limited drive speed and turret turn rate
-Default turret snap position
Things to know;
-You can aim and fire when moving, but the camera will be shaky.
-Effective range of 5000 to 30000 inches, the ring will begin to turn yellow when you will probably miss the target.
You need PHX3, Wire, and GDC to make it work. If the map has a low skybox the camera and rockets may not work too well. Ideal for larger maps like Freespace. < ------------ There's GDC SVN
Figure out the simple controls yourself and have fun!

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