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BearTrap E2

Originally uploaded by Nak[␕] ™ on 8th July 2010 14:12 pm

I got bored and created this funny bear trap...
If a player gets close it will turn visible and yell "I KNOW YOU!"...and if the player gets to will kill them and say the funny TF2 sound "am nam nam...!" or the Antlion Guard's roar
It Require:
- Wiremod (the e2)
- TF2 (the e2 model and sound)
Sry...i don't know what "I KNOW YOU!" sound is require
Imported: Some severs don't allow the e2 to change this dos not work on any sever...
Move "beartrap.txt" in "Expression2" to:
PS: the TF2 model is a beta model from doesn't have a texture if the e2 gets duped or gets a error

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  • Expression2/
    • beartrap.txt
  • Help.txt
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