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Zombie Game (mini)

Zombie Game (mini)

Originally uploaded by Haunting on 16th December 2010 01:28 am

Hey, this is my first garrysmod map. Please give nice opinions, don't be hard on me. D:
Map is Gm_Flatgrass, its a little short game. So don't expect a lot.
This is also my first upload to, so don't be hard on me with that either.
You are in a zombie apocalypse, your base wall has been knocked down, so you'll have to go through the NorthernPartol junkyard and battle through zombies to gain your new base.
EDIT: Thank you all for your honest opinions, ill make more things that aren't so called "terrible." Oh, and by the way, just because this map was terrible doesn't mean im a child posting useless crap. For those of you who are accusing me of being a child, why don't you get a life and stop accusing people of things that are not true.
Thanks for reading.

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