GM_WireConstruct_BNA by V92

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Originally uploaded by V92 on 10th June 2010 21:20 pm

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An edited version of WireConstruct with some improvements and additions; here is the changelog
-Tunnel Entry, Switch, Turntable near spawn (Pic 1,2)
-Elevator from Outside >> Rocket Ready Bay
-More tracks on surface to connect spawn to that far-out loop no-one ever uses beside the command "house"
-Train track switch into submarine bay
-"Train Graveyard"
-Hill Beside Water (Pic 1)
-Credit Texture (Pic 3)
-Much Less Prone to Reliable Snaphsot Overflow (RSO)
-Less Prone to Buffer Net Overflow
-Buttons for rocket parts (Spam Issues)
Map by BlackPhoenix of wireteam,
Physical Edits by those Russians
Removal of the 6 server crash entities & lua scripts to make public use possible by DarkWolf

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